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Orthopedic Services services offered in Benbrook, Ft Worth, TX

Consider orthopedic services if you experience musculoskeletal pain that doesn’t improve with ice, rest, or over-the-counter medication. At Southwest Orthopedic Associates in Fort Worth, Texas, general orthopedic surgeon Joseph Daniels, DO, offers a full suite of orthopedic services, including physical therapy and regenerative medicine. After an exam and a discussion about your symptoms, Dr. Daniels can make personalized treatment recommendations. Call Southwest Orthopedic Associates today to request an orthopedic services consultation, or book your appointment online.

Orthopedic Services Q & A

I have joint pain. Should I consider orthopedic services?

Orthopedic surgeons, like those at Southwest Orthopedic Associates, treat diseases, disorders, and injuries affecting the:

  • Cartilage
  • Tendons
  • Nerves
  • Bones
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles

Everyone experiences musculoskeletal aches occasionally, but if your symptoms continue for more than a few days or interfere with your normal routine, it’s essential to seek treatment. Minor issues often worsen without intervention. 

Are there different types of orthopedic services?

Southwest Orthopedic Associates offers various orthopedic services, including:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy combines stretches and strengthening exercises with manual therapies, like massage. It’s used to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and encourage your body’s healing process without medication or surgery.


Sports medicine

This orthopedic subspecialty diagnoses and treats sports and other activity-related injuries. Southwest Orthopedic Associates regularly works with student-athletes, weekend warriors, long-distance runners, and other active people to prevent general wear-and-tear and encourage top performance.

Urgent care

Orthopedic urgent care provides same-day treatment for broken bones, dislocated joints, and other traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. Southwest Orthopedic Associates makes time for walk-ins whenever possible. 

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine uses natural growth factors, like platelet-rich plasma or stem cells, to encourage your body’s healing process. These minimally invasive treatments present few risks and provide lasting results. 

Total joint replacement

Southwest Orthopedic Associates might recommend total joint replacement if you have severe joint damage caused by osteoarthritis or another chronic condition. 

During this procedure, your surgeon replaces a damaged or diseased joint with a prosthetic made of metal, ceramic, or plastic.

What type of orthopedic services will benefit me?

The only way to know which orthopedic services will benefit you is to make an appointment at Southwest Orthopedic Associates. 

Your provider reviews your medical records, asks about your symptoms, and completes an exam. They look at your skin, checking for redness, swelling, or bruising, and gently press on the affected area, pinpointing sensitive places. 

Next, they conduct several tests assessing your muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion. They also order diagnostic imaging, capturing photos of your bones, joints, and surrounding soft tissues. Southwest Orthopedic Associates makes a personalized treatment plan, after confirming your diagnosis.

Call Southwest Orthopedic Associates today to explore the benefits of orthopedic services, or book your appointment online.