General Orthopedic Surgeons in Benbrook, Ft Worth, TX

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At Southwest Orthopedic Associates, general orthopedic surgeon Joseph Daniels, DO, provides high-quality orthopedic care to people 12 and older in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout Tarrant County. 

Southwest Orthopedic Associates has more than 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating people with orthopedic needs. The providers speak English and Spanish fluently, allowing them to serve the area’s diverse clientele. 

People from all over North Central Texas visit Southwest Orthopedic Associates to access various orthopedic services, including physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and sports medicine. Patients can also access more specialized treatments, including same-day urgent care and total joint replacement.

The surgeon at Southwest Orthopedic Associates take a conservative and minimally invasive treatment approach. Therapeutic care plans often include a combination of healthy lifestyle changes, activity modification, and routine checkups.

Southwest Orthopedic Associates offers both minimally invasive and traditional orthopedic surgery. They use advanced technologies, such as arthroscopy, to reduce the risk of complications and ensure lasting treatment outcomes.

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