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Urgent Care

At Southwest Orthopedic Associates, we are continuing to provide orthopedic care in these uncertain times.

We are aware of increased traffic at the Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Emergency Care levels and are here to decompress your clinic by managing orthopedic, pain management, and minor emergency issues. Our goal is also to eliminate unnecessary traffic in the overburdened emergency rooms and urgent care clinics thereby decreasing patient exposure to COVID-19 and providing a safe environment for patients where CDC and Texas Medical Board Guidelines are being strictly followed.

Our providers and staff are prepared to handle you and your patient’s orthopedic and urgent needs and are equipped to handle minor emergencies and provide ambulatory urgent care treatments.

Ultimately, patient safety is the number one goal and we are here to help our first responders and medical providers to continue providing urgent and exemplary care to patients.


We accept insurance; however, we still have to verify it. Until then, all quotes and estimates are subject to change depending on payment by your insurance company. We are also happy to accept cash in lieu of insurance. The standard cash price is $350 and includes x-rays, diagnosis, and treatment.

Types of Injuries:

If you suspect you have any of these injuries below, schedule an appointment or a walk-in as soon as possible. These injuries are better treated at our Orthopedic Urgent Care because of the time factor with the injury and the possibility of more damage to the injured area if not taken care of immediately.
If your injury came about due to major trauma such as a car accident, gunshot wound or if you, your friend or loved one is bleeding heavily, is unconscious or can’t be moved, call 9-1-1 immediately or get them to an emergency room as fast as possible.

Broken Bones

There are many different types of broken bones or fractures, but the two most common types are simple and compound fractures.
Simple fractures occur when the bone breaks into two pieces and generally don’t require much more treatment than setting the bone with either a splint or a plaster cast. First aid treatment for this type of fracture calls for ice wrapped in a sterile cloth or piece of clothing. It’s also important to immobilize the injured bone if possible.

Compound fractures are a little more serious because they occur when the bone pierces the skin. Depending on the extent of the injury, this type of fracture will require surgery and extensive care. First aid treatment for a compound fracture requires calm and timely action. Immediately immobilize the injured bone and stop the bleeding using a sterile cloth while applying pressure.


Sprains are common injuries that many people deal with, especially with those that play sports. A sprain is a tear or stretch of your ligaments, which connect your bones and help allow freedom of movement. The most common sprain occurs with the ankle and while not always serious, needs to be checked out.

Here are a few symptoms to tell if you’ve suffered a sprain or not:

  • Pain (especially if directly on the bone)
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Limited mobility of joint

Some mild sprains can be taken care of at home with a few simple things. The most important one is plenty of rest, with little to no movement of the sprained area. Make sure to use ice to keep the swelling down. Compression is also key as it will help just as much as ice to reduce the swelling. Lastly, make sure to keep the injured area elevated.


Dislocations, while commonly associated with shoulders, can occur anywhere two bones meet each other. A dislocation is a joint injury that causes two bones to separate from their normal areas of operation.

A dislocation has a few common symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Very limited movement (accompanied with lots of pain)
  • Numbness
  • Bruising or Discoloration
  • Affected area looks “out of place”
If you suffer a dislocation, you should always get it treated immediately. The more time that passes before it’s taken care of, the harder it is to get the joint back into place.

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