Newport Beach executive rehab centers

Luxury rehab treatment centers have amenities for treating addiction and providing comfort to the patient. Patients receive personalized treatment and get to recover in a serene 5-star establishment. Receiving help from addiction is a big step to the recovery process. While there are many rehab facilities in Newport, not all of them have the luxury standards we offer. We have a professional staff trained to provide personalized care in a luxurious and serene atmosphere.

Executive Rooms

Our facility has a modern mansion-like design with executive rooms for in-patients. Each patient gets a private room that we customize to their taste. In addition, each room has a personal butler who will tend to you 24/7.

5-Star Meals

An in-house professional chef prepares all the meals in our luxurious rehab center. We source our cooking ingredients fresh from a privately owned farm. We have dedicated dieticians who create personalized meal plans for every patient. Our cafeteria features a 5-star hotel menu full of nutritious options for patients. We also provide special diets to patients with allergies or sensitivity to certain foods.

Personalized Care

Unlike most rehabs, we pride ourselves on providing quality patient-centered care. Our staff-to-client ratio is small enough to ensure that each patient has at least one caregiver during their stay. All our caregivers are friendly and professional in how they handle patients. One-on-one interaction with patients allows our caregivers to customize recovery plans for each patient. While staying at our luxury rehab, you will have access to a personal physician, therapist, masseuse, sleep hygienist, and psychologist.

Customized Fitness Programs

Our high-end rehab center provides fitness as part of the recovery program. We have a spacious and well-equipped gym where patients can interact with a personal trainer. We believe that regular exercise gives the patient control over their emotions and recovery. After the patient goes through our detox program, we put them on a diet and fitness routine to achieve their health goals.

Serene Environment

Patients appreciate our state-of-the-art facility overlooking the most beautiful scenery in Newport. We have lush and spacious gardens where patients can relax, walk, read, or reflect on their recovery. We have various outdoor wellness programs that use the beautiful scenery to help patients recover faster.

Privacy for Patients

We treat every rehab case with the privacy and confidentiality it deserves. Part of our clientele comprises A-list celebrities, renowned businesspeople, and prominent political figures who are willing to brave it through the journey of recovery. We ensure your presence remains anonymous during your stay to protect your reputation. Also, we have conference rooms with computers and high-speed internet in our facility. CEOS and celebrated entrepreneurs can continue running their business uninterrupted while receiving treatment.

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Our luxury rehab center has modern amenities to provide holistic treatment and a staycation for patients. Our medical staff and caregivers are on-call 24/7 to cater to every need. We treat all patients with respect and ensure their stay with us is anonymous. When you check in with us, you will get a private executive room with a personal doctor, butler, masseuse, and trainer.

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Newport Beach executive rehab centers
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Newport Beach executive rehab centers
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