Drug Treatment Centers That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

Scottsdale Recovery Center is one of the leading drug treatment centers that accept blue cross blue shield. We help individuals battling alcoholism, substance abuse disorders, and dual diagnosis conditions embrace sobriety via an integrated and customized treatment approach.

Does BlueCross BlueShield cover addiction treatment?

BlueCross BlueShield refers to several separate providers making one of the largest health insurance providers in America. Blue Cross Blue Shield policies cover addiction treatment and provide a range of benefits and options. The policy benefits can vary depending upon the state you reside in and the type of plan your purchase. Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance typically covers some of the costs associated with:

  1. Outpatient treatment
  2. Residential treatment/detox
  3. Partial hospitalization
  4. Acute inpatient hospitalization

Call your insurance provider to discuss your plan's coverage for addiction treatment. We are one of the leading drug treatment centers that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How to pay for costs not covered by my insurance plan?

Do not let the cost of addiction treatment prevent you from seeking the help you need to get better. Fortunately, there are several ways other than insurance that you can use to pay for additional costs. If you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, you can use it to meet your treatment costs.

Alternatively, you may seek help from private financing agencies or look for state or federal government-funded grants to pay for addiction treatment. As one of the dedicated treatment providers, we show our clients the best treatment options available to them that fit their budgets and needs. Our admission officers can also help you understand how much coverage you may receive from your insurance provider and the additional costs that you may incur.

Types of addiction treatments that we offer

We are a pioneer treatment center in Arizona for alcohol and drug addictions with customized treatments and a flexible treatment approach. We understand that no two addiction circumstances are the same and offer multiple treatment options to help our patients choose the one that best fits their needs, budgets, and recovery goals. Some of our rehab treatment options include:

  • Residential treatment

Patients stay at our rehab facility for anywhere between 28 days and six months and engage in treatments such as medical detox, counseling, individual and group therapies, and support group meetings.


These programs engage patients in several hours of psychotherapies, counseling, and group meetings and offer the second-highest level of care and structure to recovering addicts.

  • Ongoing care programs

We keep an eye out for our alumni patients with our ongoing care programs. Our therapists meet with our alumni recovering addicts and assess their progress in recovery on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis.

  • Telehealth addiction treatment

We offer individual and family therapy sessions for recovering addicts over a phone call or video conferencing and help them stay safe in the comforts of their homes during the pandemic.

Contact Scottsdale Recovery Center at 602-346-9142 to get started on your recovery journey. We are one of the top drug treatment centers that accept blue cross blue shield in Arizona with an excellent staff team and evidence-based modalities. Do not battle your evils alone! Call us now to receive professional help for substance abuse disorders.

Drug Treatment Centers That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Drug Treatment Centers That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield
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