Baptist Urgent Care

Baptist Urgent Care

Baptist Urgent Care Center of Medical Excellence

We are an institution of healthcare experts who provide camaraderie and wellness closer to the community. At Family Medical Clinic, you can ensure a brighter future for you and your family.

Our Leading Medical Services

The clinic has more advanced technological facilities that offer world-class services and medical assistance. No need to take a long process of settling requests and appointments because our accommodating staff ensures a fast-paced transaction. We prioritize your health more than anything that is why we are widely known for giving immediate care support.

You can choose a variety of service options from a walk in, urgent care, and laboratory and diagnosis assistance. We are very open to assisting in getting your insurance claims. Moreover, we also accept other public or private health plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicaid as well as Uninsured Patients. We have lower cost packages with high deductibles and copays to assist patients who are unable to fully avail full-pledged services.

When it comes to accident injuries, we have open late services in which you can immediately call for emergency concerns. Hence, you can contact our clinic within 14 days upon the accident which causes the injuries for you to avail your accidental insurance and rights. With this, we can accomplish all the paperwork for you without hassle.

When it comes to beauty and wellness, we offer top-result rejuvenation, reverse aging construction joints, muscles and bones improvement, and other enhancement for medical performances. In this department, you can expand many other options for skin and face enhancements as well as other bone fracture therapy and bone alignment.

Baptist Urgent Care

This part of our center which offers less waiting time compared to the Baptist Hospital ER is highly advantageous for people who need critical and abrupt care. If the Baptist urgent care is from an accident-related injury, you can access the service of an attorney for your insurance and documents with our assistance to help you cover your expenses and losses.

Our Kendall clinic branch for urgent care presents a highly efficient and very affordable cost of medical treatment for an emergency type of care. You don’t need to worry about bills you will pay because our company emphasizes the value of medical care even at a lower price. FMC is best known when it comes to walk-in urgent care for any types of injuries or urgent medications as well as for several minor treatments and diagnosis.

Choosing our service can always save you time and money and can still warrant high-quality healthcare services at any time. We have highly efficient departments that consist of more innovative medical approaches and strategies to come up with highly accurate data results and medical findings. Because of this, we have already built a long-term trust for all our loyal clients as well as for current customers.

Contact Us

Never take a risk when it comes to your health. Contact us through the Family Medical Clinic email address: or you may also call us at these numbers: (305)603-7824 for Kendall or (786) 349-4753 for Homestead.

Baptist Urgent Care

The Importance of Baptist Urgent Care

Urgent Care Urgent centers provide medical services to a wide variety of non-emergent health conditions. This can range from diagnostic services such as lab work to routine services like vaccinations. We are convenient for that and much more.At Family Medical Clinic, we are a baptist urgent care center best known for medical excellence.  Our healthcare experts strive to provide a brighter future for you and your loved ones. We ...
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