ADHD Treatment Houston

ADHD Treatment Houston

Attention deficit disorder, ADD, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, are characterized by a lack of concentration and impulsiveness. ADHD is most often considered a problem only with children; however, adults may also suffer from the disorder. Those who are properly diagnosed with ADHD can receive treatment that will control and inhibit behaviors associated with the disease. ADHD treatment in Houston begins with testing.

Symptoms of ADHD

There are a number of symptoms that are often associated with ADHD. These include difficulty completing tasks or organizing tasks, being unable to follow simple directions, making careless mistakes, forgetfulness about daily activities, losing things, avoiding activities that require focus, daydreaming, squirming or fidgeting, excessive talking, impulsive or risk-taking behaviors, interrupts and talks over others and has trouble waiting for his or her turn.

These symptoms alone should not be used to diagnose ADHD. Indeed everyone has exhibited some of these issues from time to time. Those with ADHD may exhibit symptoms such as these more often. Parents and teachers may observe the behaviors of children to assist in making a diagnosis. Only once a complete diagnosis is rendered can ADHD treatment in Houston be successful.

Not everyone with ADHD exhibits the same symptoms or all of them. Each person has a unique level of ADHD and therefore the symptoms will be slightly different from child to child. Just because a person exhibits some of the signs of ADHD it doesn’t mean that they have ADHD. Also, sometimes stress or other factors can cause some symptoms similar to ADHD to appear on a temporary basis and then they will dissipate on their own.

Treating ADHD without Medication

The incidences of ADHD have been increasing and for decades the treatment of choice was medication. Children were given Ritalin, Adderall or other prescription medications to control the child’s temperament and level of anxiety. The medications may work to an extent, however, at the same time they are also simply masking the underlying cause of the problem.

Unfortunately, these medications also produce some unwanted side effects such as weight loss, increased heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness, stomach pain, joint pain, chest pain, fever and rashes among others.

Although medication may be necessary as part of the short-term solution, we offer other alternatives for ADHD treatment in Houston. A complete brain map along with other testing and diagnostics can help locate deficiencies within the brain. These deficiencies can then be more adequately treated using methods that will treat the source of ADHD rather than simply treating the resulting symptoms.

A number of different assessments will be utilized to develop a treatment plan. These include such things as a health assessment, brain mapping, laboratory testing, nutritional analysis and therapy, and counseling if necessary. Once the results are available we will develop a unique plan for ADHD treatment in Houston that is science-based and FDA cleared. Treatments are designed specifically to address the issues that are present in the patient. Our ADD and ADHD and treatments are available for children as well as for adults.


ADHD Treatment Houston

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