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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy can treat a wide range of Joint and Osteoarthritis Disorders.

Stem cell therapy is an intervention strategy that introduces new adult stem cells into damaged tissue in order to treat disease or injury. Stem cell therapy has been recognized by the medical industry worldwide as the biggest breakthrough in natural healing. Stem cells have regenerative power; when they are injected into an area that needs healing, your body’s natural response is to accelerate the process and repair the damage. It is a non-surgical procedure involving the extraction and injection of your own naturally occurring stem cells. We concentrate stem cells from bone marrow or we use your own fat (adipose) tissue.

What is a Stem Cell

Stem cells are the body’s own repair kit. Adult stem cells, not to be confused with embryonic stem cells, reside in adult bone marrow and fat, as well as other tissues and organs of the body. When you have an injury, these stem cells have the natural ability to repair the damaged tissue. However, in people with degenerative diseases, these stem cells are not released quickly enough to repair the damaged tissue.

The type of stem cells that are associated with tissue repair are called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). In orthopedics, two main types of MSCs are used: bone marrow stem cells and adipose (fat) stem cells.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
  • Increased healing potential
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased function
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Decreased time away from sport or daily activities
  • Stem cell therapy may be combined with orthopedic surgery to speed up recovery.
  • Stem cell therapy has the potential to reduce the amount of physical therapy and rehabilitation you may need after an injury.
Wide range of orthopedic conditions
    • Soft tissue injuries involving tendons and ligaments
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Joint injuries of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle, Hand, Back, Elbow and more
    • Rotator cuff tears
    • Knee arthritis
    • Back pain

Sometimes, we will use stem cells in conjunction with PRP injections to treat advanced joint damage.

And much more

Even if you have been told you have “bone-on-bone” arthritis, our stem cell treatments often help to prevent you from having to undergo total joint replacement surgery or joint fusion. We cannot “cure” arthritis, but we can improve pain and function tremendously for years; success depends upon the site and severity. The doctor will discuss your potential at your initial visit.

Bone marrow stem cells, which are commonly used for bone and cartilage repair, are taken with a needle in the hip/pelvic area and concentrated in an FDA-approved device. A bone marrow aspirate is typically done by taking a small amount of bone marrow from the back of your pelvis. After numbing the area thoroughly with local anesthetic, we insert a special needle called a cannula and syringe to draw out the bone marrow.

After extraction, we prepare a bone marrow concentrate by centrifugation and cellular phoresis. This gives us a predictable number of stem cells and growth factors. Using ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopy to ensure the precise target, we inject the concentrated cells into the area that needs healing.

Not all of your stem cells are created equal. Fat-derived stem cells are better for treating certain conditions than bone marrow cells. Based on your diagnosis, your doctor will determine which method is appropriate.

Fat stem cells (adipose tissue), are obtained via mini-liposuction but are not concentrated. First, we numb the area from which the fat is to be extracted with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Then, we insert a small cannula to draw out the adipose tissue. The amount of fat we extract will depend on the severity of the condition to be treated.

After the tissues are extracted we do NOT manipulate them. Using ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopy, we inject the cells into the injury, defect, or tear, along with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. This entire process, from extraction to injection, takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Some patients find these procedures painless, while others may feel discomfort. Oral sedation can be provided upon request. The stem cells are injected into the area of pain or injury, sometimes in conjunction with PRP therapy for added benefit.

If you have a tendon or ligament injury, muscle injury, joint damage, nerve pain, or back pain, you may be a candidate. If you are not getting the results you need from your current treatment plan and you want to avoid surgery if at all possible, then you owe it to yourself to investigate stem cell therapy.

However, not everyone is a candidate if you have active cancer or infection, a history of lymphoma, or are taking certain blood thinners, this therapy may not be suitable for you without clearance from your oncologist or cardiologist.

Only you and your doctor can decide if PRP therapy is right for you. If you want to avoid surgery and get long-lasting pain relief, we encourage you to learn more about regenerative medicine and talk to an expert.

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