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4Oct, 2017

Welcome to the Fall!

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Now that it’s Autumn, it’s important to take steps to prevent injury and take care of your bones (the season is called “Fall” after all).  Some of the most trivial Fall tasks can result in injury- from raking the leaves to setting up Halloween directions- so make sure you’re careful out there! It’s also important to take preventative measures and maintain strong, healthy bones to prevent injury.  One of the most critical factors in bone health is your diet- so take it easy on the Halloween candy.   Dairy products are […]

4Aug, 2017

Introducing: Stimwave

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Southwest Ortho is proud to announce that we are partnered with Stimwave– the leading edge in chronic pain management technology. Like something out of a sci-fi movie, Stimwave in a minimally invasive procedure that uses technology to manage chronic pain through a wireless process. Stimwave currently has 2 pain management systems: Freedom SCS system and StimQ PNS. SCS System The SCS system works by placing a tiny spinal cord stimulator (SCS) into your spinal cord.  The SCS system manages pain by intercepting pain signals that are being sent to your […]

4Mar, 2017

Are Pigs the Secret to Repairing Knee Cartilage?

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Back in December of 2016, the FDA approved a product called the MACI.  This is substantial because MACI allows patients to regrow their knee cartilage- which can be deteriorated through injury or removed (altogether or partially) in knee surgeries.  To put it simply, MACI takes a  patient’s cartilage tissue, places the tissue on artificial scaffolds where it is engineered to grow,  and then implanted into the patient’s knee.   MACI attaches membrane taken from pigs to the autologous cartilage tissue, and these implants can include anywhere from 500,000 to 1 […]

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