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NAD Therapy

What is NAD?
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in every cell in the body. One of NAD’s major roles is the Oxidation-Reduction reaction necessary for our cells to carry out metabolism and life. 
  • In addition to metabolism, NAD is responsible for helping maintain circadian rhythm, cellular DNA repair, and maintaining the length of our telomeres.
Why is NAD Supplementation Important?
  • As we age, our levels of NAD decrease significantly. By the time we are around 50 years old, we have approximately HALF of our NAD that we had when we are younger. This plays a role in the aging process. Therefore, by increasing NAD levels, we can provide the body with a coenzyme that we DESPERATELY need in order to maintain high energy levels.
What are some of the benefits of NAD Therapy?
  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Improved brain health and neurological functions
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Restored muscle function and recovery
  • Increased quality of sleep
  • Increased athletic performance
What can I expect during an NAD Treatment?
  • NAD Infusions are just like any vitamin or saline infusion that you have received in the past with one exception. A qualified nurse or doctor will administer the IV and assist you throughout the entire process
  • NAD Infusions can cause a bit of temporary discomfort. This feeling of discomfort can manifest in the stomach or as a headache but usually only lasts during treatment. The slower the NAD is given intravenously, the less symptoms.
  • First time NAD users can expect to take anywhere from 1-3 hours to get a therapeutic dose of NAD
What are the risks of NAD Therapy?
    • Aside from the temporary discomfort during the IV infusion, NAD has currently shown no long-term harmful effects in human studies. 
    • Some short-term side effects can be mild headaches, fatigue, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. 
    • Since NAD is given intravenously, there are always the risk of side effects that are common among ALL infusions. 

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