Cash Surgery

Cash Surgery

You will find numerous kinds of orthopedic surgery, therefore the price is able to change, based on the particular process. For instance, hip replacement surgery is usually a lot more costly than suturing a ligament in the elbow. Based on the invasiveness as well as length of the process, the orthopedic surgeon may suggest local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, oral calculated sedation, general anesthesia, or maybe a combination of them. As we all know, millions of Americans do not have a healthcare insurance plan in place, which is why the caring medical professionals at Southwest Orthopedic Associates offer a schedule of discounted surgical costs for those who select a cash surgery option.

For over the last several years, Southwest Orthopedic Associates has been considered the number one rated surgical facility, and is one of only a few care centers that offer reduced pricing for cash surgery procedures. Because we realize that many surgical procedures are imperative to your overall good health, we strive in providing you with the most affordable prices, when you decide to pay for your procedure up front, and in full. Several of our valued patients have taken advantage of this unique concept for paying for their surgery, and this is why we continue to provide this invaluable service.

Your orthopedic surgeon is able to talk about the likely costs of the surgery during your first consultation. While prices are definitely a crucial element in picking a health care professional along with a treatment program, keep in mind that a lower cost choice might be a sign of quality. Selecting a reputable, competent orthopedic operating surgeon, such as Southwest Orthopedic Associates, will able to help you save discomfort, money, and time in the long term. Also, for many people, their healthcare insurance deductibles are so significant, that sometimes a cash payment is more appropriate.

There are a few basic costs that are not included in the total cost of your surgical procedure, and you will be responsible for these, such as the cost of an anesthesiologist, who will administer the sedatives and drugs that are required during your surgery. X-rays, labs fees, MRI costs, along with physical therapy treatments are also not included in the cost of the surgical procedure. You will also be responsible for your travel and lodging costs that are associated with your procedure, along with any hardware that may be required for your surgery, such as screws, plates and implants. The required hardware that is necessary for the surgery will be provided to you at our cost.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of a cash surgery option, Southwest Orthopedic Associates would like to invite you to visit our web site. At, you can learn more about the types of surgical procedures that we proudly offer at a discounted price. On our home page, you can schedule your initial consultation, by leaving your contact information. You can also call us at 817.731.9400, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable medical staff members.

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